Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Why Martin Brundle gets top billing here

Sure, he's got great insights, but it's not about having the insights. It's not even about having them and telling us about them at the right time. It's about having them, being able to tell us, and then being able to conjure a memorable turn of phrase out of it. Murray Walker could do it, James Hunt could do it, and so can Martin.

A great example of the difference in class comes when on lap 2, Vettel absolutely mugs Rosberg for his position and probably steals his wallet on the way past as well. Both Brundle on Sky and David Coulthard on the BBC are stunned by the move and know immediately the point they have to make about it. This is what DC said:

"So many times last year, people said 'Can Vettel race?' Well, that was some really good stuff there."

And this is what Martin said:

"That's the man they said can't race in Formula One! Sebastian Vettel, he can only win from the front, apparently! I don't think so! That was amazing!"

Exactly the same point being made, but Martin just knows how to put that bit extra tweak on it. A good piece of commentary from DC, but a great piece from Martin; and so that's why it's MARTIN BRUNDLE!!!!!! (and his friends).

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