Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Martin Brundle's Friends - Ted Kravitz

The first thing that you need to know about Tango Echo Delta is that his name is not, in fact, Ted Kravitz. A while ago, a two-line Daily Mail column claims that he took a stage name rather than using his birth name, "Theodore Slotover", because "Ted Kravitz" was more Formula One-y. Or something. I have to say, he's not wrong there. "Slotover" just makes me think about Scalectrix (even though I had the Aurora set).

After an early career in general sport with radio stations, he joined Chrysalis in 1996 and then joined the new ITV team in 1997, initially as a producer. When James Allen left the pit lane a replacement was required, and somehow Ted managed to wangle the job - and a good thing too. I'm a big fan of his; he's an expert at being funny and informative with very limited airtime, and the information he's able to wheedle out of the garages is almost always extremely good and useful to know. Last year he began spreading his wings a little with a series of ten-minute post-race videos on the BBC website rounding up some of the stories (o9ften the more peripheral ones) of the day and tying up loose ends; the move to Sky will afford him the chance to do more of the same.

Ted should not be affected by the move to Sky; his job isn't to editorialise, it is to inform.


Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/tedkravitz


  1. And the most boring man on tv, must've been over 100 'erm' 'er' and 'um' in his last notebook on the Korean GP! Learn to speak properly if you're going to be on tv Ted!!

    1. How can you watch F1 and not like the facts that Ted gives you? He understands and translates all the technical details very well.
      I think you may be the most boring person on the internet.

  2. Dear F1 Show,

    I regret to write, I have lost all respect for Ted Kravitz as a trackside/pitlane expert.

    His comments in respect of Paddy Lowe and Team Order's were completely wrong.

    Please will confirm Mr Kravitz will have the humility to publicly apologise to all who had to listen to his irritating synopsis of events, which clearly had no credence.

    Martin Brundle and the rest of the team thankfully got it spot on, and made Mr Kravitz look a fool.

    I would also very much appreciate forwarding this email to, Ted Kravitz, Martin Brundle and the rest of the team, ensuring, we the subscribed public, are fully aware of this very unfortunate error of judgement.

    Thankyou and regards,

    Mark Joseph LLB
    Chipping Norton