Saturday, 28 July 2012

Hungary - The Quotes

(NB: Allan McNish returned to "Skypad" duty at this race.)

QUALIFYING(Vergne gets his weather report on team radio)
MB: I've never understood why they don't get that before they get in the car, frankly, but it's good for us to know.

MB: It's that Roh-Mayne Gross-Jean bloke. He seems to have a magnet, a Formula One magnet, in his car on the first lap, doesn't he? He gets into too much trouble.

(Replay of Schumacher allegedly blocking Massa)
DCr: How do you read that, Martin?
MB: I read that as Michael thinks he's getting out of the way...and so do I.

MB: Come on Kamui, that's not the racing line!

MB: That bump (before the final corner) is the best it's been since 1986.

MB: They're so lucky to be able to - I went in that gravel pit, what was a gravel trap there for Jordan in 1996, Crofty, and it broke all four of my suspension rods - all four wheels were broken off, basically, just bouncing through the gravel in the race. It used to be a horrible place to go off. Now you can go through there, and possibly gain time.
DCr: And they've flattened out the bumps so your fillings can stay in your teeth...

MB: I've got this picture of Ted saying Michael Schumacher was being wheeled back on a trolley. I think he meant the car, but I'm sort of imagining some kind of carbon fibre zimmer frame. He's only 43.
DCr: I thought he meant Schumacher was trolleyed, but that could be at the end of the season...
MB: I know exactly what Ted meant!

(Hamilton goes fastest, then moans about traffic)
MB: It's like a default, isn't it? You could just play that sort ot thing out with all the teams, "I got held up by..." and then just drop something in.

MB: There's Massa, having to steer round the outside of Rosberg? No, Schumacher again.
DCr: Of course!

MB: I've a feeling that Alonso is in his damage limitation mode this weekend, to protect his championship lead.


MB: You can look back with rose-tinted glasses and say yeah, some classic seasons in the past - specially if you see them in highlights, they look amazing.

SL: Breaking news I'm hearing in my ear.  Alex Brundle, GP3, promoted to third.  Did you know?
MB: Yes I did!  He just sent me a text!  It's great!

(Track guide this week is with Heikki Kovalainen, and friends)
MB: Well, the Caterham army are waiting for you over there with your bank manager, your accountant, your bodyguard, by the looks of it.  We're going to trip you up at certain parts of your track walk, if that's okay.

MB: If I were a young driver, I'd be coming to Damon to say "what's the secret here?"
DH: Well, you're still welcome to ask for advice, Martin, any time.

MB: Formula One cars are either in pieces, in action, or in transit.

(On the grid, Martin goes hunting Webbers)
MB: I'll just see if - Will, I'm live, can I just nip in?  Mark, if you don't mind, of course.

MB: What have we got here?  Kimi Raikkonen.  ...I don't think he'll be talking to us today.  I think he's given up.  He gave up on that a few years ago back in Brasil, when, er, he famously did speak to me on the grid.
(Here's what Martin's alluding to - his comeback is classic! )

MB: One racing dad to another.  Anthony [Hamilton]!  Good to see you back at a Grand Prix!

(Tango Echo Delta talks to James Allison from Lotus)
TK: James, what's your best chance to win this race this afternoon?
JA: Get a good start...
TK: That's funny, that's what Lewis says as well.

MB: We quickly got a glimps there of the underside of the new Lotus nose....not this car of course, that's a Red Bull...and it looks like a pregnant guppy, or something.

DCr: One HRT down, there's another HRT bypass for Kobayashi.

MB: Look at all the debris!  There's one goat-track now through the tyre rubber and we're nowhere near half distance.

MB: The trouble for Grosjean is his car'll be understeering like a cross-Channel ferry now it's in the turbulent air of the McLaren.
DCr: Ever steered a cross-Channel ferry?
MB: They seem like they take a long time to turn around!
DCr: Yes, quite.  I was just wondering, you've driven most things in your life, I wondered if you've ever experienced some ferry racing...

DCr: For some reason, Martin doesn't want to read the names of who's presenting the trophy.
MB: It's your big moment, Crofty...

DCr: And we wait now for Placido Domingo to come out onto the podium to conduct the interviews, something I never thought I'd hear myself say.

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