Sunday, 10 June 2012

Canada - The Quotes


SL: Blink and you will miss them at the TT.  Are you going to take us next year, Martin?
MB: Arrrrhhh.  I've...I've never been.  I was riding a Ducati Panagali the other day round the Silverstone GP circuit; absolutely brilliant, I'd love to do it, but listen, I've smashed myself up enough times in my life without going racing, but I so admire the bike racers.  A footballer gets a little tap, he rolls over and cries for 20 minutes.  These guys with broken bits, get lifted on their bike, "go win a race", and get lifted off again.  I've got so much respect for them.

MB: That's what I love about this racetrack.  You can hit something!  You don't just go off into a big car park and come back on looking a little bit embarrassed.  Otherwise everyone's gonna sit at home going "well, it's easy, I can do that", if you can just make mistakes and get away with it.  This track will punish you, and that's how it should be.

MB: Niki Lauda looking absolutely enthralled by the whole thing.
DCr: Well.  He's got his eyes open...

MB: It's embarrassing having everybody watch you being weighed, isn't it?  All your main rivals, watching you be weighed.
DCr: I think that approaching Le Mans, you look very trim, and you should have no embarrassment next week at all.


(Marty and Jenson Button do a track guide)
MB: Next up; Turns 4, 5, 6, and 7; where you took the lead [last year], of course.  Let's re-enact that!
JB: Let's do that!
MB: I've got another buggy!
JB: ...Oh, really? ... I wanna see you drift the buggy.
MB: Right, so I'm gonna be Sebastian Vettel - in my dreams...

(On the grid)
MB: If you're into photography, you might appreciate the value of all these lenses, just casually lined up along the side of the track here.

MB: Bernie!  Mario!  Can we have a quick word with two legends of Formula One?  Have you got to go, Bernie?
BE: (pointing at Mario Andretti) He's the real legend.

(Short of drivers, he grabs one of Mark Webber's mechanics)
MB: I've got a £500 bill for my iPhone that got put in the water at Monaco - so who's going to pay for my iPhone?

MB: Here is Adrian Newey...drawing next year's car, presumably.
(Newey clocks him and quickly closes his notebook)

MB: The two Ferraris, particularly the one in Alonso's hands, has never failed to make places on the first lap of a race this year, so I think they'll both be looking in their mirrors for something bright red and in a hurry.

DCr: [Rob] Smedley with the new Elvis hairstyle, while his driver gets all shook up...

MB: He will have both of those [tyres] vibrating down the straights, you're touching 190 mph a couple of times down the straights here.  That's what Massa's radioing in about, no surprise there.  Surprised that Rob Smedley didn't say "well, serves you right, look after them a bit better!"

MB: Hamilton versus Alonso.  I love saying that!  It always means fireworks!
(Hamilton promptly dives down the pit lane)

(Karthikeyan spins at Turn 1)
MB: Down the escape road...there used to be a tree right there, it used to scare the living daylights out of me, there was a barrier in front of it, but there was nowhere to go in that corner.

(de la Rosa retires, spewing great gouts of black stuff)
DCr: Brake issue, do you think? (!)
MB: Quite possible, isn't it?  Looks like a coal mine, but that's just carbon in a different form.

MB: He'll be invited to talk at the Fleet Manager's Christmas event, won't he, telling everyone how to save tyres, Perez.

(Webber bides his time behind one-stopping runners)
MB: It's like waiting at the door of the pub to open when you're desperately thirsty, isn't it?  You're going to start kicking on the door shortly, letting them know you're there.
MB: There it all goes on behind the scenes, that's beamed back to the factory as well.  That's a terrifying thought: when you're driving round, missing your braking point, locking your right front, that there are 40 people who are a lot cleverer than you watching it, and they know before you do.
DCr: Just feels to me, we're playing the waiting game with this race at the moment, Martin.  We've had the initial salvo, the first round of pit stops, and now, how's it all going to unfold and unwind with maybe the next round of pit stops to come.  There's plenty more to come here!  Like in Test cricket, we're almost waiting for the new ball to arrive.
 MB: What you're saying is, "this bit's a bit boring, compared to how it was a few minutes ago when it was really exciting".
DCr: Slightly!
MB: But it'll get better!  Patience!  Patience, young man.

MB: We're going to get a right traffic jam behind Kimi Raikkonen shortly; and the only person in the world who won't care about that is Kimi Raikkonen.

(Hamilton has bad pit stop #45612 of the season; his girlfriend reacts with some rather colourful language)
MB: ...saying "what on earth is going on?", I believe.  And, well, she's very upset about 1.6 seconds, but she might well be right - that could make the difference.

MB: Massa's got himself up into fifth place, but his tyres looked very second-hand when we saw that big slow-mo of him wrestling himself out of the final chicane.

MB: My driver of the day is Romain Grosjean.

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